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MaxLift Bin Lifter

Introducing the MaxLift All-Electric Bin Lifter by Glamworn!

Versatile Power Options: Our MaxLift bin lifter is designed to adapt to your specific power requirements, offering multiple power options including 240 volts, three-phase, DC, or even solar power. Choose the energy source that best suits your needs!

Eco-Friendly Operation: Our MaxLift bin lifter operates solely on electricity, minimizing the risk of hydraulic oil spills and championing environmental sustainability. Embrace the future with our eco-conscious technology!

Crafted with Precision: Glamworn proudly utilizes Australian steel in the design and production of our bin lifters, ensuring exceptional durability. These units are purpose-built to effortlessly handle larger bins and can seamlessly integrate into any automated system, complete with Category 3 safety guarding.

Effortless Efficiency: Thanks to cutting-edge engineering, our lifter smoothly elevates and empties bins, streamlining waste collection processes. Bid farewell to the noise and hassles of hydraulic systems and say hello to unparalleled efficiency!

Safety at the Core: Safety is paramount with our lifter, meeting all Australian safety standards to guarantee full compliance. Your team's well-being is our top priority during every lift.

Tailored to Your Needs: We offer customization options to manufacture bin lifters to match your desired lift height. 



Tech Specs

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