LiftMax Bin Lifter

Glamworn manufactures the LiftMax 1.1m bin lifter. 

Our bin lifters are designed and manufactured by Glamworn using Australian steel. They are extremely robust and designed to easily handle the larger sized bins. We have been making these bin lifters for over 15 years and they are a proven reliable bin lifter. 

They can be fully integrated into any automated system with Category 3 safety guarding.

We can manufacture to suit multiple lift heights with our standard height being 1.8m

Our bin lifters can lift the following bin sizes

  • 1 x 120L

  • 2 x 120L

  • 1 x 140L

  • 2 x 140L

  • 1 x 240L

  • 2 x 240L

  • 1 x 360L

  • 2 x 360L

  • 1 x 660L

  • 1 x 1100L